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When you decide to live in Barcelona to study, you are choosing to live in one of the most dynamic, multicultural and cosmopolitan cities in Spain and the world.

For this reason, coming to this city is an opportunity not only to nourish yourself with academic excellence, but also with the multiplicity of options that this Mediterranean city has to offer. Below, we will talk about the main places to visit in Barcelona while you study.

Top places to visit in Barcelona

Although it is not as big as other cities such as Madrid, Barcelona has so many places to visit that it can be overwhelming. Here are some of the most important places you should not miss if you come to study in this city.

Sagrada Familia

Undoubtedly, one of the great must-sees in Barcelona is the Sagrada Familia. It is the “Cathedral of the 20th century” designed by Antonio Gaudí and it is the main emblem of the city. Construction began in 1882 and is expected to be completed by 2026, 144 years later.

On the outside, the Sagrada Família has no less than 18 projected façades and a Façade of Glory that represents death, the final judgement, glory and hell. It also has the Passion Façade representing the crucifixion and the Nativity Façade dedicated to the birth of Christ.

The interior is notable for its imposing columns that resemble stone trees, and you can climb to the top of one of its towers for magnificent panoramic views of the city.

Gothic district

In this case we are not talking about a particular monument but about a large area in the city that is visited by thousands of tourists every year because of its beauty. This is the Gothic Quarter, the oldest part of the city and one of its most beautiful areas.

Nowadays, visiting this part of the city it is possible to be surprised by the labyrinthine and narrow streets that characterise it and that make it a perfect place to enjoy without haste, getting to know the remains of the city’s glorious past.

Parc Güell

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984, Parc Güell is another of Gaudí’s brilliant works in the city. Here you can enjoy a quiet stroll away from the noise of the city and discover numerous animal sculptures and tree-shaped columns. One of the favourites is the Calvary Monument, which offers great views. 


Montjuïc is a famous mountain in Barcelona, within which we can find some of the city’s great attractions such as the Magic Fountain with its display of lights and colours, the National Art Museum of Catalonia and the Pueblo Español, which is a theme park representing the most emblematic sites of Spain. In addition, the acclaimed Montjuïc Castle is another of the most visited parts of the city.

Barcelona Cathedral

Popularly known as Barcelona Cathedral, the Cathedral of Santa Cruz and Santa Eulalia of Barcelona is located in the Gothic Quarter and is noted for its great character and personality. It is characterised by its cloister, which looks like a haven of spirituality and was completed in the 15th century, with its pond full of plants, as well as its carved wooden choir.

La Barceloneta

Moving away from the historical and cultural attractions, Barcelona is also a city famous for its beaches. Undoubtedly the most popular is Barceloneta, where it is possible to go for walks and beach activities, swim in the sea and enjoy the best seafood in the hundreds and hundreds of restaurants and bars that line this beach.

Nightlife in Barcelona

Barcelona is considered one of the cities that never sleeps. Over the years, it has become a benchmark in the international electronic music scene, boasting some of the best DJ’s in the world. But that’s not all. In addition, the city is characterised by dividing its nightlife into areas that have their own styles. Therefore, electronic music lovers as well as fans of rock, jazz, pop or Latin rhythms will find their ideal place in this city.

Among the many areas that Barcelona has to offer for nightlife, one of the most popular is Raval. This is the city’s most international and eclectic neighbourhood. Not only does it have many alternatives for enjoying the nightlife with narrow streets full of activities, but it is also an area where multiculturalism, exotic food combined with local food and walks that allow you to explore other cultures without leaving the city. It is also home to some of the best places with a bohemian atmosphere in Barcelona and Spain.


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